Black Blue Abstract Polartec Lined Headband


Black Blue Abstract Polartec Lined Headband

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This Polartec fleeced lined headband will keep you warm and cozy. Mixed vivid blue with a black abstract design. Stay warm and dry with Polartec's moisture wicking and perspiration management fabric. 

  • PowerDry- features two different yarns on either side of the fabric to move moisture away from the skin quickly. This soft, stretchy fabric isn't just the best technical lining of the outdoor market it is ideal for underneath helmets or for the very active.  It outperforms all next-to-skin fabrics on the market because its patented construction has two unique surfaces: the soft inner layer rapidly wicks perspiration away from the body, while the durable outer layer spreads moisture for maximum evaporation.

  • Polartec Classic 100 -this is the ultimate lining material. Just enough warmth with a soft, cozy velour to keep you toasty and dry with its moisture-wicking patented material.
  • Polartec WindPro - this lining blocks 4 times the wind of the average fleece. There's no doubt you're going to be super warm and cozy with this soft breathable lining. Go ahead and shred the elements with WindPro.